[thelist] CMS: WEB + or vs. PRINT

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 1 14:24:01 CST 2002

> From: "Otto B." <ottobjohnson at yahoo.com>
> So my company is looking at CMS's, and I'm wondering
> if anyone can recommend a system which works well not
> just for web content but for print content as well. Do
> you generally need two systems, one for print and one
> for web, or can they easily be integrated? Are there
> out of the box solutions that provide such
> functionality? I'm only familiar with web site CMS's,
> so any help would be MUCH MUCH appreciated :)

there are really all sorts of content management solutions... some
are web content management, some are document content
management, some are file content management...

looking at it from a web content management perspective, it is
possible to use a CMS as a source for print documents...

consider that Adobe InDesign supports XML feeds to pipe data into
templates...  consider that many CMSes use XML to either run
themselves, or even create RDF/RSS feeds...

that's something i'm actually doing at work, piping the CMS into
XML output geared toward being imported into InDesign, which can
then be output to whatever i want...

other solutions include everything from using stuff like Crystal
Reports to on-the-fly PDF encoding...

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