[thelist] site check please - http://www.stemofficial.co.uk

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Mon Apr 1 15:47:00 CST 2002

Most things seem nice.
I'd allow the main window to be a little larger maybe.
I would try to keep things a little less deeply nested to, it takes a lot of
clicking to get somewhere.
The choice of clicking links with or without Javascript doesn't seem like a
good idea to me,
* firstly both links work, with or without javascript, so there's no need,
* secondly most users haven't  a clue what javascript is, the question is
distracting them from what the site is really about, and
* thirdly the javascript version without [back] button makes navigating the
forum a pest
The song is quite nice to, if a little unpolished, it would be nice in a
format that streams though, having to save it to disk is an extra hurdle
that might stop visitors listening to it.
Good luck with the band (It took me 17 years to realise we were a bunch of
naive twits, and we'd never become rock-stars, and who knows, I might try
again sometime ;o)


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check please - http://www.stemofficial.co.uk

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