[thelist] To Mark-Up Or Not To Mark-Up

Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com
Mon Apr 1 15:57:00 CST 2002

>> Definitely would mark the sentence. The only question is whether I'd
>> enclose the list inside the paragraph tags. Probably would, because it
>> would make more sense, structurally, to do that.
>Lists are block-level elements, and according to the spec, <p>s cannot
>contain other block-level elements

Shows how often I've had to face that particular question, eh? Presumably,
that would be picked up under validation, and there would follow another
editing pass. (And a note to self not to do that again :{>} )

I still think it makes sense structurally, as the list is a continuation of
the first sentence of the paragraph. But I suppose if it becomes important
enough to do that, enclose the lot in a div and be done with it.

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