[thelist] OT - small side job - Do I need liablity insurance?

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Hi David,

I am not a lawyer either.  I am, however, probably one of few designers that
actually has an insurance license (in Arizona that is).  My father is in the
business full time and I got my insurance license out of college so that I
could step in and make rational decisions in the event my father could not
(just precautionary).  Anyway here is my opinion.
1.) Protect yourself (but be reasonable).
2.) Whether you're working out of your house or out of commercial space, if
you have clients over, you will want liability insurance in place to cover
their medical expenses should they trip and fall or something like that.
Note: Some homeowner's policies would cover here too.
3.) If you are working on someone else's premises as a contractor.  You can
carry protection for yourself in case you do something like break a computer
or delete a bunch of your clients info on accident.
4.) The last thing you should consider is "errors and omissions" insurance.
It's not as important for a web designer as it is for a 'lawyer' say.  But,
this insurance protects professionals in all walks of life against screwing
up.  There is even error and omissions insurance for insurance agents.  :)

I'm not out to sell you anything so I hope that helps.

Good Luck,
Philip Warbasse

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> Hi,
> I am employed full-time during the day and have just
> started a small web site project on the side.
> It's a small job - probably $800 - $1,000 for a
> Dr's office.
> Do I need liability insurance?  If so, please explain
> why.
> If I need it, what's the cheapest way for a VERY small
> business to get coverage?
> TIA,
> Dave
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