[thelist] Auto thumbnail gallery setup

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Mon Apr 1 23:58:01 CST 2002

The program you need is Arles Image Web Page Creator. This will do
everything you want, can run off templates (it has a raft of its own),
provide a built-in slideshow, watermark images, title images etc etc. I
looked for a program to improve on photoshop and found this. Current
version is 4.8, so it's been around a while. I gladly paid the US$49 for
a single user, these people can write software. You can download a trial
too. It also uses sophisticated image resizing and sharpening algorithms
which is important for photographers like me.
URL: http://www.digitaldutch.com/


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> Photoshop 6 will do what you want, however the results are
> less then spectacular but it does work and does a nice job of
> resizing the images.
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