[thelist] [OT] [Really OT] Excellent opportunity to acquire existing web business

Samir M. Nassar nassarsa at redconcepts.net
Tue Apr 2 00:23:00 CST 2002

<cite author="Kutcher, David">
> If you've never had it don't make fun of it.  :P

But I have had SPAM. Besides, I wasn't making fun of it. I was
identifying out. :-)

Oh I give up! I was making fun of it...

<cite author="Groen, Mark>
> Something isn't adding up: that's $6.41/hour if it's bringing in
5M/year. And
> the rest of the year's hosting still has to be paid for....

with SPAM sales

"I see SPAM people."

"I love the smell of SPAM in the morning, it smells like thievery."

"Give me SPAM or give me death."

"To SPAM or not to SPAM..."

"Gone with the SPAM."

"SPAM of champions."

"In SPAM we trust, all others sign up with Passport"

"MacroSPAM LookOut! Bestowing the benefits of SPAM on the world. Comes
with optional STD module, codenamed Herpes, and secure back door for
l33t 5kr1pt k1ddi3z"

Ok, I seriously need to go back to work.

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