[thelist] Auto thumbnail gallery setup

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Tue Apr 2 01:31:01 CST 2002

At 12:31 AM -0500 4/2/02, aardvark wrote:
>Web Contact Sheet is not the Web Photo Gallery...

Indeed it is - at least in PS 5.5 ... you can open it in ResEdit and
change some things about the output (like file extensions, the META

>Photoshop 6 allows you to create custom templates...
>however, you still need to do some tweaking (like changing the file
>extensions, and i wanted all my gallery pages in the same directory as the
>index, so i had to move them)...

Sounds like I need to get PS 6 (7?) and you need to hack the plug-in!
(whatever it's called now).

- Erik Mattheis

(612) 377 2272


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