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Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 2 07:07:00 CST 2002

>From: Rob Oviatt <rgoviatt at nbnet.nb.ca>
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>Subject: Re: [thelist] Scrollable text area
>Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 08:16:21 -0400
>Thanks.  Very nice script, but is it possible for me to modify it to work
>using relative positioning? I noticed that one of the other scripts that
>was mentioned also uses absolute positioning, which makes me wonder if
>playing with it to make it work with relative positioning would be a waste
>of time.  It works fine so long as the positioning is absolute.  The moment
>I switch to relative it ignores the clipping info.
>The table it's going into is centered.

I think that clipping indeed works only with an absolutely positioned
object. So no, it's not possible.


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