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admataz_lists admataz_lists at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 2 08:09:00 CST 2002

"...make it work with relative positioning..."

The script I mentioned in the earlier post allows for relatively positioned
elements to be scrolled - it wraps an absolutely positioned scrolling <div>
within an absolutely positioned clipping <div> within a relatively
positioned "wrapper" <div>, which can be positioned using table centring

Check it out again: http://www.admataz.com/workflow/codelib/scrollboxes.html

I orginally wrote it so I could have more than one scrolling element on a
single page - which a lot of scrolling scripts wouldn't let you do - the
relative positioning was another requirement for the particular job. Should
work with NN4+ and IE4+

there are notes in the source code which should help you sort it out. If
you're still stuck, you can email me offlist and maybe I can help.

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