[thelist] copyrights and linking

James S. Huggins (Evolt) Evolt at ZName.com
Tue Apr 2 10:38:01 CST 2002

A friend of mind has a portfolio site at jen-ross.tripod.com. On it she
links to (about 20 - 35) photos that she had taken while working for
politicswatch.com (http://jen-ross.tripod.com/photos.htm)

She recently recieved an email from her former employer asking her to modify
her site stating that her request to post 35 politicswatch pictures outside
the politicswatch.com domain is unreasonable.

He referred her to their copyright document.

I thought that acceptable use of copyrighted material allowed you to link to
material providing you don't portray it as your own. (see

I'm confused. Is she infringing on their copyright?

I am not a lawyer.

It is always critical to be absolutely precise in language if the law is

Paragraph 2 refers to a "request to post 35 politicswatch pictures outside
the politicswatch.com domain".

I do not see where she has, as yet, "posted" any pictures whatsoever.

I do not yet see a copyright infringement.

However, she needs to decide how much she wishes to fight and whether there
is a suitable compromise.

For example, would linking to the articles containing these graphics satisfy
her former employer?

I would also like to see the precise quoted text of the email from her
former employer.

For more information on photos and copyrights, see also my site at

and also Les Kelly's site at

James S. Huggins


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