[thelist] copyrights and linking

Means, Eric D eric.d.means at boeing.com
Tue Apr 2 10:50:01 CST 2002

> Ah, but I remember even the most anal of details:
> KPMG tried it:
> <http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,48874,00.html>
> And I think Starbucks tried it recently and that didn't work
> (but I can't
> find any articles on it now...)

The Starbucks case was different; though it was presented by the "victim" as
an attempt to prevent them linking to Starbucks, what was actually happening
was the "victim" was displaying certain of Starbucks' pages inside frames
(which gave the impression the "victim" site owned those pages.  Starbucks
had a case; KPMG did not; and I would expect the company in this case does
not either.  Linking does not constitute copyright infringement.

... IANAL, however, so get some counsel if you want a definitive answer.

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