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Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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>> >Would any Mac-literate folks care to define the minimum config to
>> >handle test use? Presumably something that will support OS9 + OSX?
>> Yup.

>Uh. Yeah. That's kind of the question, eh? What model(s)? How much
>RAM and disk? What exact OS versions? etc. I know zip about Macs.

To use OSX, you'll need at least a G3, and at least 128MB RAM. If you want
to run it any faster than a snail, you'll get more RAM - I have 384MB in my
home OSX box.

Any new mac you buy now will have both installed, with OSX as the default

Think of it this way - with OSX you also get a free development server for
all your Perl/Python/Zope/Apache/PHP/MySQL (etc) needs.

>> >Can I use PC peripherals (keyboard,mouse,monitor) with a KVM switch,
>> >or do I need the whole Mac-native enchilada?
>> Should be able to if they're USB. However, your best bet is probably
>> going to be an old-style iMac which comes with all dat stuff built in

>If I had horizontal space for one, yeah -- but it would be a lot
>easier to stuff a short tower somewhere, if it'd use my existing
>(but non-USB) KVM setup ...

If space rather than budget's the problem, then you're probably looking
at a G4 Tower (or a G3 iBook - about the same price)

>Do tower Macs have mini-DIN mouse/keyboard connectors? 15-pin VGA
>video out? Are there any on-line resources on Mac configurations
>that address the needs of the truly ignorant? :-)

They do build to order too


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