[thelist] copyrights and linking

dan donaldson dan at omnivore.ca
Tue Apr 2 12:17:00 CST 2002

On Tuesday, April 2, 2002, at 11:15 AM, Amy Gilliland wrote:

> copyrights and linking?
> A friend of mind has a portfolio site at jen-ross.tripod.com. On it she
> links to (about 20 - 35) photos that she had taken while working for
> politicswatch.com (http://jen-ross.tripod.com/photos.htm)
> She recently recieved an email from her former employer asking her to
> modify
> her site stating that her request to post 35 politicswatch pictures
> outside
> the politicswatch.com domain is unreasonable.

Does the debate become a little more academic if the linked-to site
(politicswatch) configures their server to prevent this kind of thing?
It seems to me that if they don't do this, then they are not acting to
protect their assets and so have no case, no?

And no, IANAL


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