[thelist] MS Doc File Format Specs?

Eric Engelmann eric.engelmann at geonetric.com
Tue Apr 2 13:07:00 CST 2002

This just came through on another list, thoought it might pertain to this if
you'd possibly use a softartisans product. The list is at
http://asplists.com/ (specifically:
http://www.asplists.com/asplists/aspsoftartisans.asp) and it looks like
they're developing an MSWord-compatible server-side utlity like their
excelwriter product.


Rest assured that Microsoft is fully aware of our product plans and that no
one's toes are being stepped on.  Before developing our ExcelWriter product,
we licensed the Excel format from Microsoft.  We have also licensed the Word
file format for the new server control we are developing.

Best regards,


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Doesnt that step on anyones toes at Microsoft Aviva?


We are currently developing a server control that would allow you to
manipulate Word files without needing Microsoft Word on the server.  We
don't have a time frame yet, but stay tuned :o)

Original Msg from Frank:
I've noticed a good deal of apps that can read and write MS Word,
Xcel, PPT (Office formats), that aren't necessarily MS partners (such
as SunOffice, or ThinkFree for example). I know that the RTF spec is
available, I was wondering if someone could point me to the specs for

I've been Googling around quite a bit and can't seem to find it. Does
this mean that

1) MS distributes it's file format spec to selected people?
2) That I didn't user the right combination of search terms?
3) That Sun <gasp> reverse engineered the file format?

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