[thelist] Reminding a customer

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Tue Apr 2 20:05:00 CST 2002

Hi Sasa! In addition to what everyone has suggested for the future, I'll add
these suggestions for the situation you find yourself in now:

Call and try one of these:

"I'll be in your neighborhood this week and would like to stop by and pick
up a check" (Don't pigeonhole yourself to a specific date or they may say
they won't be around. Leave it open-ended so whatever day they're available
is the day you'll be in town. Sly, you have to be sly ;)

"I was just going through my accounts receivable. When should I expect to
receive payment on that project?" (Again, I don't like to leave it open
ended so normally I would exchange that last sentence for "Will you be
dropping a check in the mail to me this week?")

"Just following up to make sure you received that invoice I sent over ...
You did? Oh, great! Will you be dropping a check in the mail to me today? Or
I could come pick it up if that's more convenient for you."

But in the future, Sasa, please don't begin any work without a deposit.
Otherwise you have no leverage, they can walk away at any moment or they can
(and will) endlessly delay the project's end.

"Great! I'm looking forward to working with you. I'll need $xxx to begin."

I have a friend who won't put up their site until he receives payment, this
is specified in his contract.

> Sasa said:
>  Scenario: You come up with the deal with a customer. You build the site. The
customer is happy with it. Nobody mentions payment yet, but you really want
to get payed for your work. What is you approach on this? How do you remind
your customers that there is a bill to pay, . . . in a nice manner :-)

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