[thelist] Creating FTP Users with PHP

Hans Zaunere zaunere at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 2 21:59:01 CST 2002

You can do this in a couple of ways, probably the best is using PAM.
ProFTPd has it's own MySQL auth modules, but that limits you to only
that daemon (which may be ok for you)

Search google for linux PAM and check out especially the first couple
links.  This is really the way to go, and if you do it right, can have
a really nice system (hint: allow a way to login if your SQL or network
goes down ie allow root to still use /etc/passwd).

Basically anything that uses PAM can auth against anything that PAM can
auth against, in this case MySQL.  It'll take a little fiddling to get
it all fitting together, though.


Hans Z.
New York PHP

> This is what I would love to do. I will be maintaining a user
> database in
> MySQL anyway to handle permissions within the Web Application. It
> would be
> great if I could get ProFTPD's authentication to access my MySQL
> database
> for permission. However...this is WAY new territory for me. I have
> figured
> out that the system is using PAM for authentication and it seems that
> each
> of my domains have a separate /etc/pam.d directory with the config
> files,
> however I have no idea how to use them. Where do I go for good
> explanations
> on this. The ProFTPD website has some info, but it is a bit sketchy.
> Also,
> the section on SQL database authentication has been removed.
> Point me in the right direction?
> Jake
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