[thelist] Reciprocal Links (commercial)

Simon Willison simon at incutio.com
Wed Apr 3 04:08:01 CST 2002

Michael Galvin wrote:

>I assume this is the Open Directory Project (as opposed to the Ocean
>Drilling Program).  I'd never heard of it and so hadn't listed it in my
>document.  It's more important than Yahoo?
I wouldn't say it's more important, but it's still a very useful listing
to have. The ODP is an "open" directory run by volunteers (as opposed to
Yahoo which has paid employees populating their listings). ODP listing
is free, but you do tend to end up at the whim of a volunteer who may
have their own interests in mind... The ODP is important because it's
directory is used by various big sites such as Google, Netscape Search,
AOL Search and Lycos. More information here: http://dmoz.org/about.html

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