[thelist] Generating XML with ASP

Nicole P nicole at parrot.ca
Wed Apr 3 08:41:01 CST 2002

Oh! I've seen that problem before!
It's actually a bug in IE...
If you loaded the XML page while there was an error in it, IE will not
display it as an XML tree, and IE will *remember* that even if you do fix
the XML page.
Going to load another XML file, and/or rebooting and/or changing the name of
the XML files (yeah, throwing a reboot in the middle of this list looks
weird ;-)   will fix the problem.
I was trying to learn XML and kept banging against that bug...

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From: "Edward George" <edward at suppose.co.uk>
> I'm not quite sure what was wrong but bizarrely it fixed itself.
> I had to go set the folder permissions to use the URL you gave me and
> when I came back to my machine it was working.
> It definitely wasn't a caching thing either as I tried it on several
> machines.
> Oh well, one of those things

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