[thelist] RE: CDONTS Mail Problem

Ben Gustafson Ben_Gustafson at lionbridge.com
Wed Apr 3 08:46:00 CST 2002

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Rob Smith wrote:


> <%
> oMail.To = "webmaster at thermon.com"
> oMail.From = "test"
> oMail.Subject = "This is an email subject"
> oMail.Body = "Thanks for reading this message. But I must
> admint. I lied.
> There's nothing " & _
>   "important about this message at all."
> *****  oMail.Send
>   set oMail = nothing
> %>


> And on the line ***** is where I'm getting a Permission Denied.
> Could my settings on the SMTP Default on IIS 4.0 be the problem?


Actually, I've found using CDONTS at all to be the problem. It's somewhat
notorious for having such permission problems. (The IUSR account is usually
the problem; even so, I couldn't fix it, and thus gave up on it.) My
solution was to use ASPEmail instead (http://www.aspemail.com). Its free
features are similar to CDONTS (when it's not having the above permission
problems), and it has premium features that CDONTS doesn't have, which you
can pay for if you like.

Links related to the CDONTS "permission denied" problem:
(Note the ASPEmail Sponsored Link that appears on the Google search, with
the Interest pegged at 10.)


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