[thelist] OT: Network troubleshooting tools

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Wed Apr 3 15:31:01 CST 2002


Wouldn't static IP addresses be the cause of such a situation?  While
servers (domain, sql, printer) should have fixed addresses, workstations
may be better off with dynamic addresses.

Then Susan's current issues could be avoided by removing from the DHCP
pool the known addresses used for the servers and other fixed network
devices.  If an addressing issue did arise involving workstations,
having everyone renew their lease should provide the quickest

If there is a need to know each workstation's address dynamic DNS (or
correctly configuring DNS with AD on Win2000 DCs) should fit the bill.

Since this sounds like a new issue with an existing network, I would
look for either a new node on the network (has someone recently brought
in a laptop and plugged it in to the network?  If so, and they are using
static addressing, they probably just picked a number out of the air
without checking to see if it was already in use.  Another situation
avoided with dynamic addressing.) or an existing resource that was for
some reason given a new address.

To actually respond to your question (isn't it just like guys to jump
right to trying to fix your problems without actually listening to what
you are saying? ;) WhatsUp Gold from Ipswitch (www.ipswitch.com) is
relatively cheap and has network mapping in addition to monitoring and
notification features.

Though I suspect any network mapping application will miss the trouble
maker for the very reasons having two resources fighting over the same
IP address is a Bad Thing.  I guess at that point you go over the
invetory of networked resources and see who missed being mapped.

The best time to turn back is the moment you realize you're going down
the wrong road.  Now may the time to catalog those known fixed
addresses--servers and such--and put all the workstations on DHCP with
an address poll exclusive of those known fixed addresses.

That having been said, if you're having trouble with a PDC and a SQL
server, perhaps those are two machines fighting over the single IP?

HTH  =)

Sean G.

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The simplest way is to hit every work station and setup static IP
for all them. If there are only 15, it shouldn't take too long. Then
all the assigned IPs in an Excel Spreadsheet.
Anthony Baratta

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