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Casey Crookston casey.crookston at imibevcore.com
Wed Apr 3 16:59:01 CST 2002


I understand that their main site will return PDF results, but that's
not what I am after.  We are looking for a tool that will allow users to
search our site only, from within our site.

Google has such a tool you can download and install on your local
servers, but from what I can tell none of their options crawl PDF's, and
even if they do, I don't think they fit the "reasonably priced"
requirement.  There free version is not at all customizable in the look,
and they insert adds on your site.  Yuck.  The base level pay version is
$599 a month.  Yuck again.


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On 04:46 PM 4/3/2002, Casey Crookston said to me:
>Google is not customizable in it's look, and I don't even know if it
>will do PDF's.

This may not be of much help, but Google *does* do PDFs.

Search for "Department of Energy", PDFs only:


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