[thelist] AuthorizeNet desaster - looking for international credit card service

m u i n a r muinar at gmx.net
Thu Apr 4 00:23:01 CST 2002

I would be glad if anyone can recommend another international credit card
service. I'm currently using Planet Payment, which uses AuthorizeNet as
their gateway. It's a desaster.

Imagine that you have a service where people sign up every day,
and suddenly they get a 404 error after filling out the form.
This is currently happening to me. For more than 24 hrs now this payment
gateway is out of service, because they have set up a firewall as they

They asked me for the IP addresses of my server and my ISP, and
now I'm waiting until they have set it up so that these IP
addresses can access their system. Needless to say they didn't tell me
before! Here's the message I received after reporting the issue:

  >>If you receive an error message when attempting to access or submit
  >>transactions to the payment gateway, please read the following message
  >>Over the past 48 hours certain IP ranges were blocked access to the
  >>gateway in an effort to prevent fraudulent transactions from being
  >>submitted. The IP address(es) for your web server or office may be
  >>included in these ranges causing you to be unable to access your
  >>account and/or submit transactions to the gateway.
  >>In order to rectify this situation we require the following information
  >>from you:
  >>1. The IP address(es) of your web server(s) that submit transactions to
  >>the gateway;
  >>2. The IP address(es) for the location(s) from which you access your
  >>gateway account.

My server is located in USA, and my ISPs are in Switzerland and in France.
So their 'ranges' must be quite large. Is anyone else experiencing
problems here?

Thanks for any alternatives to this service.

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