[thelist] weird anchor behaviour?

Scarlett Julian (ED) Julian.Scarlett at sheffield.gov.uk
Thu Apr 4 08:56:01 CST 2002


what do you mean it doesn't work on a Mac? Sorry I have to rely on others
for mac testing but I thought that <a name=top> was standard html.

Do you mean that <a name=top> isn't hard coded into mac browsers as people
have been suggesting?


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> <a name=top> does not work on the Mac
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> > Hi evolters
> >
> > I have just built a long page with lots of links back to
> the top. However I
> > forgot to put in an anchor at the top and when I came to
> test the page the
> > links to top still worked. They all point at <a name="top">
> but there is no
> > such anchor on the page !! This is happening in IE5.5, IE4
> and Opera6, all
> > on pc. I was amazed by this and I've double checked for the
> presence of an
> > anchor named top but there isn't one.
> > Has anyone else come across this?
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