[thelist] wehavethewayout.com

Ron_Senykoff at beaerospace.com Ron_Senykoff at beaerospace.com
Thu Apr 4 09:51:10 CST 2002

so the site's back up...  after they were caught hosting on a BSD
box, they moved to an NT box, and it was down all day yesterday...

but it's up this morning... so i went to fill out their little form for
offers (hey, it's not my info i was gonna submit)... and guess what?

the form doesn't work without JS enabled...

<input id=submit1 name=submit1 type=button
onclick="CheckTheFields()" value="Submit">

the JS function then handles the submit...

egad, how daft is that?

I know this has been covered many times before, but what is the best
recommended way to have both
-client-side JavaScript to check the form
-submittal of the form not dependant on JavaScript, so that I can check on
the server

I'm not worried about the server-side check of content, I can do that with
whatever, but how should the client-side code be done?


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