[thelist] Mac simulation on PC / site check please - Mac user's

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Thu Apr 4 10:02:12 CST 2002

All the Mac emulators for the PC are limited to 68k Mac OS 8.1 which won't
allow any PPC software period, so no Opera or current browsers either,
unless NN 3x is a popular visitor you are in luck. If you want to
personally test on a Mac with current applications then you must buy one.  HTH

Peter Kaulback

In the hour of 09:03 AM 4/2/2002 -0700, warbassedesign.com spoke this:
>Hey folks,
>I am starting to get many more Mac users to my site.  Most are operating IE
>5 and Opera 6.  My question:  Is there a way (outside of  people on Macs to
>give me a site check) that I can accurately simulate how my site will render
>on someone's Mac if I am using a PC.  Perhaps I am thinking to hard about
>this (wishful thinking) because it sounds like a dumb question but I had to
>ask....   In any event, if you are on a Mac, and you get a chance, can you
>give me a site check?   Thanks in advance for your support!  My url is
>I just need to know that it is rendering o.k and speed would be good to know
>to :)
>Philip Warbasse
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