[thelist] disabled javascript

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Apr 4 10:23:01 CST 2002

> The percentage of users that have it disabled is next to nil
> (probably less than 1%),

http://www.thecounter.com/stats/2002/March/javas.php says it's more like

you gonna argue with stats based on a HALF BILLION visits?

> and the ones that have purposely disabled it should know the
> consequences of what they're doing (mainly that LOTS of sites will
> require it).

perhaps lots of sites are still incapable of graceful degradation

what about companies whose IT depts have decided to turn it off?  public
libraries?  what about people who purposely turned it off in response to
the many warnings and advisories for security purposes?

i like javascript as much as the next guy, but it should not be *required*


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