[thelist] disabled javascript

Ben Phillips ben at inchima.com
Thu Apr 4 10:55:11 CST 2002

> > sorry, but i wouldn't risk this situation, instead, just
> provide both
> > client and server side validation. as well as it allowing
> > non-javascript users to use the form, it provides the benefits of
> > client-side validation as well (all those you mention).
> Clarification: I wasn't saying JUST client-side, but
> client-side as well as server-side.
> And rather than continue posting to the thread I started,
> I'll paste a link to what the conversation will inevitably
> end up looking like.

so why were you replying to somebody who was talking about a form that
*required* client-side validation and then called him daft? thanks for
the clarification, cos you sure didn't make it clear in your post.


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