[thelist] copyrights and linking

Amy Gilliland agilliland at geosolutions.com
Thu Apr 4 11:49:01 CST 2002

"Amy, can you tell us what ends up happening with your friend and her

She emailed her former employer telling him that she was only linking to the
images on their site and that she clearly indicated that they were taken
while she was working for politicswatch.com.

my friend has since heard from her former employer at politicswatch.com

He told her that he was fine with her linking to the photos, thanked her for
agreeing that copying the photos would be a copyright infringement and then
proceeded to tell her that they plan to move the photos to a secure server
and that if she wants to syndicate their content she can do so for as little
as $30 per day.

(what a deal!)

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