[thelist] Microsoft CMS

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Thu Apr 4 13:45:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Howard Cheng wrote:

> At 06:54 PM 4/4/2002 +0100, martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com wrote:
> >Hi Howard (and matt) - is this the CMS MS acquired from NCompass? Or is it
> >SharePoint?
> I'm referring to NCompass.
> I also forgot to add, on http://www.reebok.com/ the only section that
> really utilizes the template/placeholder capabilities is About Reebok >
> Investors > Press Releases.

i'm shocked they implemented such a system for only press releases? not to
jab, just surprised.

// matt

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