[thelist] Problems installing Netscape 6.x in Win XP

Scott Shou scott at firesites.com
Thu Apr 4 13:53:01 CST 2002

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Was wondering if anyone had encountered and overcome problems like the following when making a first time install of netscape 6.x in Win XP.

with 6.1 I get errors with the xpinstall.dll

with 6.2.2 (the new version) installation crashes when you hit the [main] PathToExe  step. Claims the module in error is the xpcom.dll

I can't seem to find anything at Netscape or Microsoft sites. Also, references to the xpcom.dll tends to talk about making a new profile, which sounds like upgrading from 6.0, which isn't the case here.

Any help would be much appreciated,



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