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Thu Apr 4 23:56:01 CST 2002

evolt.org headlines for 04-APR-02

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News: Netcraft March 2002 Survey Released (Author: isaac)

The latest Netcraft Web Server Survey, for March 2002, has been
released with somewhat inconclusive results. Their survey of over 38
million sites shows Microsoft's IIS stealing ground directly from
Apache to pull 10% closer.

Commentary & Society: Security weaknesses in the Passport Security Model (Author: DevilM)

The security model used by both Microsoft Passport and Sun's Liberty
Alliance are flawed. This article shows a simple way to steal
Passport account information for the purpose of alerting prospective
users to the insecurity of this model.

Community News: Community News - March 2002 (Author: elfur)

Events and happenings in the evolt.org community, March 2002.

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