[thelist] Copying a site style is one thing, but...

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 5 01:54:01 CST 2002

So: a few people have chatted recently on thelist about CSS design knockoffs
and the like. Now I've got a situation that's (imho) a hell of a lot worse. A
local development company is laying claim to my team's work.

No, we didn't contract them to do some coding.
No, they weren't hired on some ancillary project directly by my client.
No, none of our employees have left my company and gone to theirs.

...so, I don't feel very good about these guys showing our hard work in their
portfolio. Funny, they *somehow* launched *our* site five months before we did

For a laugh, go see:

http://www.pinnica.com/html/protfolio.htm   [sic]

And you'll see the site we built for Lincoln on the middle-right of that hinky
9-box thingy. Oddly, we've had Ford as a client for, uhh... 23 years now.

Anyone else ever come across something like this?

-Robert Goodyear
http://www.westeye.com [by night]
http://www.yr.com [by day]

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