[thelist] Copying a site style is one thing, but...

Ben Phillips ben at inchima.com
Fri Apr 5 02:48:01 CST 2002

> > A local development company is laying claim to my
> > team's work.
> Didn't you <!-- --> comment your company's name anywhere on the site?
> When we developed things, back in my web agency days, we
> would hard-code comments like the name of our company, who
> managed the project, who visually designed it, who coded the
> HTML and who did the heavy dev/database work.
> It solves exactly this kind of dispute without further ado.

definitely. or you can put the author information in a meta tag which
does the same thing.

have you got in touch with lincoln about this? surely they won't be too
happy with a web design company passing off their site as their own work
(in the same way you aren't too happy either)?


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