[thelist] Backend of a shopping cart system...

Chris Blessing webguy at mail.rit.edu
Fri Apr 5 08:45:01 CST 2002

Rob, everyone, thanks for the input.  I'm definitely going to look at the
dev time required for this db port.  It shouldn't be too bad; I can retain
the same function names but just rework the actual code to interface with
the db instead of the arrays.  Plus I can use getrows! ;)

Thanks again, I owe a tip!

Chris Blessing
webguy at mail.rit.edu

> Jay knows what he's talking about if you want to invest in the time and
> effort of a DB. It'll do miracles for you.
> Is a linked list like a collection object?  FWIW I'm using ASP here to do
> all this. ;)
> hmmm depends on your definition of collection object. You could
> potentially
> store user decisions in (for example) a comma delimited text
> string session
> variable and carry that around while they shop through out your site using
> asp.  There would be no way to retain that information upon a
> revisit unless
> you decide on using something like cookies. Like I said, Databases will do
> wonders for you if you decide to migrate.
> Linked lists in my mind was a simple array that isn't really
> connected, just
> by pointers. This is found commonly in C/C++. Don't try to implement it
> though, I've never seen it done with ASP
> --

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