[thelist] is window.open evil? (or at least unfriendly?)

Cheryl Baringer cheryl.baringer at alcatel.com
Fri Apr 5 09:58:01 CST 2002

Hi all,

In reading the proposed specs for a new section of a site, I noticed
several different instances in which new windows would be opened to
present the linked content. When asked, the author stated a desire for
users to "not lose contact" with the original page.

My initial thoughts were:
 - Internet users are accustomed to using the Back button, so would know
how to return to the previous page
 - Breadcrumbs and sufficient menus would provide another way to return
to the main page.
 - Spawning a new window that contains its own navigation allows users
to create a "sub-history" that is lost when the window is closed to
return to the original document.
 - Would these type of windows be killed by the "popup killers" out there?

Has anyone seen any statistics regarding the
usefulness/usability/painfulness of opening a new window to present the
linked content?


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