[thelist] is window.open evil? (or at least unfriendly?)

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 5 10:58:01 CST 2002

> my expectation as a user is that documents from the same
> site should load in the same window (and external sites
> get target="_blank").  if i want it in a new window, i
> can put it in a new window myself.

Yes, that is what I like as well.
Pop-ups bad, new windows for off-site links not bad.
I'm usually still reading the first page when I open a link to read page. I
used target="_blank" on my blog, but that doesn't jive with XML Strict so
I'm working on a different solution. (Yes, one that works with or without
Javascript.)  It's interesting to note that earlier this year, Fark.com ran
a poll on whether or not they should change the site so that links
automatically open in a new window. The results were overwhelmingly in favor
of it. (Sorry, I couldn't find the link but contact them yourself if you
want the numbers.) Like everything else on the web, I guess it depends on
what you're using it for.

tired of shift-clicking,

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