[thelist] ASP Date Data Type

Rob Smith rob.smith at thermon.com
Fri Apr 5 11:00:02 CST 2002

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Hi thelist,

I'm working on archiving user submitted news articles in a CMS. When users
log in, they see all articles they've submitted, whether or not they have
been edited and/or published. I want to avoid a large number of articles
being displayed when they login.

Let's say a few articles have been published and are out of the review
cycle. There really isn't a need for the articles to be displayed anymore. I
want to add an expiration date to each article published and need a way to
check if the article is ripe for removal from the users homepage.

What ASP Date Data Types and procedures do you recommend to handle this?


(There isn't a need for session variables or cookies here, just strictly

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