[thelist] CF: cgi.path_info, apache, linux fails!

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 5 16:04:01 CST 2002

Heya Frank -


is more or less the answer.. the module source code and instructions for
what you need to do to recompile it can be found in

on a default CF install..

hth :)


Frank wrote:
> I know this has been asked before, a deep and meaningful Google
> session has failed me. I would effervesce like a freshly opened soft
> drink if someone could give me a hand.
> I use the basics of Fusebox 2, and specifically the tag
> FormURL2Attributes. I need my DBs to index. Works like a charm on Win*
> platforms (using Apache). Fails on *nix using Apache.
> Apache doesn't return cgi.path_info. Ugh.
> I thought that I could have grabbed at something like cgi.request_uri
> and munged it, but Apache fails to return that too. As a matter of fact,
> anything after '.cfm' in a url will fail to be passed on though Apache
> if I use a scheme such as
>  http://myserver.com/foo.cfm/bar=wheresthebeef
> Part of what makes this important is that a particular fusebox tag
> sets up a url in the form of
>  http://mydomain.com/doc.cfm/var1=1/var2=2.htm
> This makes it so that the server doesn't recognize a query string (no
> ? or & to suggest a GET). Therefor anything after doc.cfm is cut
> right out of the equation. cgi.path_info would have returned
> /var1=1/var2=2.htm
> I'm wondering if its a question of setting up apache, or cold fusion
> or linux or what? What do I need to know, or to do to get my Linux,
> Cold Fusion, Apache combo to return cgi.path_info ? Or can someone
> suggest a work around? Has anyone seen the answer to this, or has
> solved it?
> Using CF 4.5.1 SP2 on Linux 7.somethingorother.

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