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Allow me to be a bit pedantic.

There is no Linux 7.xx

I am no Linux guru by any means, but identifying your Linux box as
running Linux 7.xx might cause more confusion as people won't know
whether it is SuSE 7.xx, Red Hat 7.xx, Mandrake 7.xx, or Slackware 7.xx.

Now it might just be that the answer to your question is global, that
is, it doesn't matter what distribution you are using. But I would still
suggest to get aqcuainted with your OS in order for people who use Linux
to better answer your questions.

If you are running a 7.xx version of a distribution then it is pretty
likely that you'll be using the 2.4.xx version of the kernel, but even
that is no guarantee.

<tip type="Linux Distribution Guide for Windows Users" author="Samir M.
If you see a yellow star: Mandrake

If it has a red hat: Red Hat

If you see a green lizard: SuSe

If you see a purple metallic 'face': Gentoo (Don't worry, windows users
are not likely to encounter this more technical of distributions)

If you see a purplish swirl: Debian (See Gentoo commentary.)

If you see 'slackware': Slackware (See Gentoo commentary.)

This list is not exhaustive.

This is a quick and dirty guide to Linux distributions, not linux

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