[thelist] Chat room automation

Marcia Welter mhwelter at welterweb.com
Sat Apr 6 01:30:01 CST 2002

>>>some responses you see are automated.  How do they do that?<<<

Adrian, I don't know the scripting details, but where it's done, IP numbers
are logged and there's real-time logging of details, including how many are
in each "room" and who. There are also chat logs kept. When I was a chat OP
I could type in certain commands and be able to know the IP number of
members and when they logged in, among other functions. You could also see a
list of who was in chat at the time by username and send private messages
back and forth regardless of which "room" they were in.

You can also type in >goto username so it's got to be tied in to the system
logging, with an automated routine to print out a welcome message when a
user enters an area. There are systems that have that facility built right


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