[thelist] Chat room automation

Marcia Welter mhwelter at welterweb.com
Sat Apr 6 03:13:01 CST 2002

Adrian, with ichat you can have people on a "buddy list" and be notified
when they come in, but you can't message them automatically. I think that
would get into permissions. It could possibly leave some room for harassment
in some cases also, I'd imagine. I see what you're getting at; properly
done, it would be very handy - like if there's someone you're waiting for to
tell something, send them a message automatically if they log in, to let
them know you're there. Nice idea.


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> Thanks for that Marcia,
> I understand it can be done from the admin side of the house but was
> wondering how users could automate a response.  The type that PMs you as
> soon as you enter a room.  The PM comes from another room user.
> Any ideas?
> Regards
> Adrian Fischer
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