[thelist] Chat room automation

s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Sat Apr 6 03:41:01 CST 2002

[[ Adrian Thompson -- 10:27 06/04/02 +0100 ]]
>Hi. Are you thinking of some sort of IRC Bot (check out
>http://ybbot.chatcircuit.com/features.html, for example - it sounds
>something like you're after!)

Or maye put up a CGI chat that is in fact an IRC chat, meaning that users
with a "traditional" IRC program could be connected at the same time (power
users, say), and those can have scripts (mIRC, Virc, xchat all have some
scripting language).

I've heard good things about CGI:IRC <http://cgiirc.sourceforge.net/> and
tested it and found it fine. You just have to create a channel on your
favorite irc network.


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