[thelist] Incorrect SQL?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Apr 6 10:35:01 CST 2002

> Can anyone see what's wrong with it?

yes, the GROUP BY is incorrect --

  SELECT entryTitle
       , DATE_FORMAT(entryDate,'%d-%m-$Y') as entryDate
       , DATE_FORMAT(entryDate,'%W, %M %D') as entryLongDate
       , DATE_FORMAT(entryDate,'%T') as entryTime
       , entryEntry
       , count(*) as entryComments
    FROM blogEntries, blogComments
   WHERE blogEntries.entryId = blogComments.entryId
GROUP BY entryTitle, entryDate, entryEntry

the GROUP BY must list all the non-aggregate fields in the SELECT

not sure if mysql will allow it, but based on the above query, it should be

 GROUP BY entryTitle
       , DATE_FORMAT(entryDate,'%d-%m-$Y')
       , DATE_FORMAT(entryDate,'%W, %M %D')
       , DATE_FORMAT(entryDate,'%T')
       , entryEntry

or alternatively

 GROUP BY entryTitle
       , entryDate
       , entryLongDate
       , entryTime
       , entryEntry

count(*), joshua, counts rows in each group

> a) If I'm putting in now() for the value of datetime,
> how do I tell it to add n hours to the time?

use the mysql DATE_ADD function

> b) how many hours are evolt's servers relative to gmt,
> ie how much will I need to adjust the hours for australian time?

good question

evolt's servers are gmt-6, i believe, but i'm not sure how you should
calculate dates and times over the day boundary

and don't forget there's daylight saving time to contend with, north
america springs forward tonight


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