[thelist] Wanted: Stylesheet Themes/Skins

Androse Rosewood auguste at mac.com
Sat Apr 6 14:43:01 CST 2002

Vu "[thelist] Wanted: Stylesheet Themes/Skins", du 4/04/02 à 23:19 -0600 :
>A few months back I came upon a site that lets people upload and download
>site themes that use stylesheets for layout. Unfortunately, I can't find the
>link anymore. The one thing I'm certain about is that it wasn't the
>evolt.org site.

Well, Need To Know was doing that a couple of months ago, but now
they have completely abandonned stylesheets.
Basically, you could call the homepage like this :
but you couldn't upload your file to their server.

	- androse

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