[thelist] trash my new site pls

Ingentus jaclyn at ingentus.com
Sat Apr 6 18:32:01 CST 2002

Hi Joe,
Not going to go into too much detail - I just wanted to say that I liked the
layout & overall feel of the site - striking but delicate (the rollover dove
is a nice touch). At first I thought the page title texts were in a layer
that somehow got misplaced beneath the horizontal images but as I went
through the site I realised the images were intentionally over the text.
Nice once I got used to it. It has a "print" feel to it (if you know what I
mean), like a brochure. Looks original and I like it.  One thing I'd do
something about is the text links on the pages are not obvious enough - I
only realised (accidentally) they were there cause I moved the mouse across
the page. maybe you could give them a dashed underline or something? oh yeah
I saw plan mis-spelled plann somewhere - if you do a find & replace in DW
you'll find it (can't remember where) ... oh & what about a contact form?

my 2c


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Subject: [thelist] trash my new site pls

> I just finished a second draft of my capabilities website...
> >        http://homepage.mac.com/jacborg/a/
> If anyone can spare some time and go through it. It has only a couple of
> pages and some nice graphics (I hope).
> Would like comments of any type (maybe offlist?)... A friend of mine is
> going through the copy, to weed out any misbehaved or ill mannered
> phrases!
> Joe
> I worked only in dreamweaver, concentrating more on the user experience,
> apologies to the hand coders sensitivities.
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