[thelist] EXCH2K and SP2: SA fails now

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 6 19:14:01 CST 2002

Has anyone encountered the System Attendant failures after patching Exchange
2000 to SP2? There are numerous Knowledgebase Articles about problems with
component startup after applying EX2K SP2, but none seem to actually spell a
true resolution for the problem.


Robert Goodyear

<tip type="Microsoft Service Pack installation" author="Robert Goodyear">
This seems obvious, but I'm going to state it anyway. Test out your Service
Packs on a development server first, so you don't fail any mission-critical
infrastructure in doing so. Like email for example. Oddly, a SP I just
installed changes the whole methodology of how some Services operate, and in my
configuration the refuse to start given the new parameters. Even though MS says
this is by design, it is not helpful in a live environment.

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