[thelist] trash my new site pls

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Sat Apr 6 20:40:00 CST 2002

Message from Joseph A Borg (4/7/2002 12:53 AM)
>I just finished a second draft of my capabilities website...
>>        http://homepage.mac.com/jacborg/a/
>If anyone can spare some time and go through it. It has only a couple of
>pages and some nice graphics (I hope).

Wondering if this is some obscure ironic thing going on here... Quoting the
"guru" of usability, using ALL CAPS, and centered text. :-)
Took me about a full minute to squint and read the text cause of those two
Oh, and it's "Nielsen", not "Neilsen". Remember primary... um... elementary
school English grammar? I before E except, after C, especially when
spelling Jakob Nielsen. ;-)

um... what else...
Agree with Chris - deep red for hovered links on red background is.. how do
you say? Bad?
The grey background to identify the active link is ugly too. Clashes
horribly with the red and seems to ride up against the text - maybe some
padding might help.

Would never have guessed the image of you and the dove were links if my
mouse hadn't happened over them... Whether that's a major issue or not is
debatable. The links up top do cover the major items after all.

"Trespassers to be enlightened!"?
Not sure if that is supposed to be read as a sentence, or if it's two things.
"to be enlightened"
But if read as a single sentence, it sounds like something that's been
translated into English from a different language - verb tenses are a bit
off. *(couple minutes later) Did some actual browsing around the site...
Oh, you're from Malta... Maybe it *was* translated to English from a
different language...

On the converg.html page, "bucketfulls" has only one 'l' - "bucketfuls".
Also, if you're trying to convince a client that their site should not be
done by a "tyke", perhaps you should use a slightly more mature term than

Your link to Baldassare Castiglione (design.html) needs an http:// prefixed
to it.

On the front page, the bottom lines of the clouds image look a bit too
bitmapped for my liking.

Typography (type.html) - in the image, "Agressive" isn't the correct
spelling. Should be "Aggressive". Good choice of fonts to depict each word

Someone else mentioned the incorrect spelling - "plann". It's on
illust.html. On the line right below you've also got "illustration" wrong.

Here ends my trashing. :-)

Aside from the little things mentioned above, things look cool.


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