[thelist] Incorrect SQL?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Apr 7 08:47:01 CDT 2002

> I tried the new sql, and it's still not giving me any results, Rudy.
> I know that it's the database giving me grief here because I've
> tried simpler queries and they've all worked with the equivalent
> php code. Any advice?

yes -- contact your friendly neighbourhood sql consultant offlist

i think we've passed the point where anybody else cares to follow along

do you have a mysql user interface which lets you run the queries?  dump
out the first dozen or so rows of each table (so i can see the data) into a
text file, and send to me offlist

<tip type="IT resources">
http://www.ittoolbox.com/ ("ITtoolbox maintains knowledge bases for each
major segment of the IT industry. Each knowledge base contains information
sourced from the user community, licensed from leading content providers,
and linked to on the World Wide Web.") -- i found some good resources in
the database section, cannot vouch for any others...


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