[thelist] bandwidth probs - good host?

PeterV peter at poorbuthappy.com
Sun Apr 7 12:31:00 CDT 2002

I'm with DSVR, and I'm happy with them: the tech support is fantastic,
everything goes well. It's just that they give me only 3 Gigs of bandwidth
a month. As a result, I've had to remove a popular pictures section of a
site of mine (which gobbled up about 2 gigs a month).

So I'm looking for solutions now... Hosting the pictures on a separate host
might be an option... mmm.... It wouldn't have to have any fancy access,
just pictures (and sound files maybe), I'd pay some money for that... then
I could have my sites with all the goodies (rewriting, php, mysql, ...) on
the DSVR servers, and everything that takes up bandwidth (pictures,
sooundfiles) on a separate server... But I don't want to pay too much, I'm
already paying pound300 a year, and that's plenty for a non profit site.
Any ideas, recommendations?

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