[thelist] New site - Critique for look/feel/user experience (http://www.hughblair.com/)

sasha sasha at bittersweet2.com
Sun Apr 7 18:16:01 CDT 2002

Why spend so much time on something few people care
about on a commercial site?  People come to commercial
sites to get whatever product is being offered, not play
with widgets.

>> and how will non-javascript browsers (like lynx)
>> be able to access certain areas of your site?
>I'm not really sure. Anybody that can take a look?

see how far you get without js:

Christy "sasha" Siepker

4/7/2002 5:02:41 PM, "Hugh Blair"
<hblair at hotfootmail.com> wrote:

>Newer version up at http://www.hughblair.com/ - and
>all that looked and responded. Sorry this is long, but
I've put
>all the responses in this one email. You folks are
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